Intelligent hoist

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Intelligent hoist


Intelligent hoist

1. Controlled by the servo system, the drive motor uses an imported servo motor.

2. Suspend mode: The full-range suspension up and down stroke is not less than 2.5 meters. The intelligent lifting device has the function of self-balancing in the suspended state. The operator does not need to control the device itself and the handle, and only needs to control the workpiece to easily realize the ascending and descending of the workpiece. The system will detect the weight of the workpiece in real time, regardless of weight increase or decrease.

3. Speed: the speed of ascending and descending ≤ 15 m / min, and can be defined; the actual running speed in the floating mode is the continuous longitudinal force exerted on the inductive handle, the greater the force, the more the running speed Faster and slower.

4. Control: equipped with induction handle, the internal components of the induction handle are sealed and equipped with pressure (photoelectric) sensor, which can sense the vertical direction force signal in real time to control the running direction and speed of the system. The operating sensor handle detects the operator's longitudinal operating force (≤10N); the required operating force can be changed by adjusting the sensitivity of the sensing handle.

5. The system provides mechanical limits.

6. In the suspension mode, the workpiece operation is directly carried out without touching the handle. After the workpiece is released, no additional switching is required, and the system automatically switches back to the sensing handle state to prevent the system from suddenly popping up.

7. The intelligent hoist has a power-off protection function. When a power failure occurs, the device will be stopped by the fail-safe device. When the power is supplied again, the device will be activated after the operator is activated again. It runs immediately without any delay and all saved settings of the device are not lost.