Key technology and application of intelligent hoist

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Smart hoist workflow has become an important part of the automated production process, the discussion and application of automation control lifting Our country has reached a stage of rapid development. This paper analyzes the key skills such as intelligent hoist positioning detection, and briefly introduces the problems that should be paid attention to in the planning of intelligent hoist, such as cart rectification and crane anti-sway control. The use of automation equipment on cranes is extensive, especially in Europe, the United States, Japan, etc. In the 20th century, the history of the 20th century and the 60th century, China's independent research and development of computer-controlled automated three-dimensional warehouse investment camp, China's independent research and development in 2000 The semi-automatic control of the garbage handling crane is put into operation. China's container cranes have basically moved toward standardization, automation and serialization, but they are constrained by economy and skills. The overall automation level of cranes in China is still not high. The employees of the lifting machinery manufacturing industry, especially the skilled personnel, The knowledge knows is not high. However, following the rapid development of China's national economy and industrial skill level, the scale of industrial production has been expanding, the production efficiency has been increasing, the labor cost has increased, and the proportion of material handling costs in the production process has gradually increased. Enterprises are dealing with large, high-speed and automated cranes. The demand is also constantly being added. Crane work processes have become an important part of the automated production process, and the automation requirements of cranes are becoming higher and higher. The automatic detection of the spatial orientation of the crane (generally the three-dimensional coordinate direction: X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis) and the skill level of the crane automation control are the key to the accuracy of the crane positioning. The static rigidity of the crane, that is, the structure of the main beam and the legs of the crane, which will be elastically deformed or vibrated under the action of external loads, will also have a direct impact on the positioning accuracy of the crane. The crane uses the soft body lifting load. Because the acceleration and deceleration of the big and small cars and the progressive action of the load and the force caused by the wind and friction will cause the load to swing back and forth, the anti-sway of the crane also directly affects the positioning accuracy of the crane. The rigidity of the building steel structure workshop will also directly affect the positioning accuracy of the crane, which needs to be considered by the planners.

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