Talk about how the palletizer should be maintained

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    The palletizing robot can arrange the packed goods of different sizes and sizes on the pallet neatly and automatically. In order to make full use of the area of the pallet and the stability of the stack material, the robot has a material pallet sequence and an arrangement setter. The use of any palletizing robot in daily life requires regular maintenance and protection to extend its service life. The palletizing robot is a machine that brings convenience to the factory and facilitates the operation of workers. It should be more important to maintain and extend the life of the robot more accurately and in more detail! So how do you know how to maintain the palletizing robot? The following Suzhou Jiamite will discuss the maintenance method with us! 1. Before use: It is necessary to regularly train and practice the operators. How to use the pallets to help the robots properly, how to maintain and protect them, as a leader, it is necessary to record the maintenance irregularly. The table is inspected to ensure that all protection operations can be carried out in accordance with the regulations. Second, in use: must pay attention to the use of post-maintenance protection records and filing. Each palletizing robot should be maintained and protected at the factory. The specific specifications are now documented and should be implemented in accordance with the specific rules. Third, after use: the upper and lower base layers must be achieved together, must not let the palletizer help the robot to repair, usually neglected maintenance, should be institutionalized maintenance operations, for this operation, the technical staff to quantify Evaluation, constitutes a monitoring mechanism! In short, everything must be people-oriented, relying on people, if everyone has a sense of responsibility, I believe that not only will the life of the palletizers extend, but our business will go further and further.

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