Composition of palletizing robot


Palletizing Robot Composition:
The robot consists of mounting frame, robot positioning system, servo drive system, control system and electricity Control power distribution system, safety protection device, etc., supporting automatic feeding positioning system. (Optional automatic stacking system, real stack conveying system)
1. Robot mounting frame
Because the robot palletizing machine has a fast moving speed, the starting and stopping state has a great impact on the mounting frame. . The mounting frame must have very good rigidity to ensure the stability of the robot operation. We designed the welded steel frame structure as the support frame for this purpose. 2. Robot positioning system
The robot positioning system is the core of the whole equipment. The moving speed is fast, and the repeating precision is relatively high. The X, Y and Z coordinates are all selected as synchronous toothed belt transmission. The coordinate repeat positioning accuracy is 0.1mm, and the faster linear motion speed is 1000mm/s. The X coordinate axis is a single positioning system with a length of 3000mm and a span of 1935mm. The synchronization transmitter ensures the synchronization of the movement of the two positioning systems and is driven by a 1500W servo motor. For high-precision planetary gear reducers for matching drive torque and inertia. The Y-axis uses a dual positioning system. The reason why the positioning unit with such a large cross-section is selected is that the Y-axis is a double-end support and the intermediate suspension structure. If the selected section is not enough, the stability of the robot movement cannot be guaranteed. The robot will vibrate at high speeds. The two positioning units are used side by side, sandwiching the Z axis, which can balance the load well. This installation method has very good stability. The two positioning systems are driven by a 1000W servo motor and are equipped with high-precision planetary gear reducers for matching drive torque and inertia. The Z-axis positioning system is firm and stable. The product is generally fixed in the slider and moves up and down as a whole. The servo motor needs to overcome a large amount of gravity and acceleration force due to the need to rapidly lift the object, and requires a large power.

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